Psychiatric Services

The following are the Psychiatric Services that are provided at Doorways:

Psychiatric Evaluations for Teens and Young Adults

When an adolescent or young adult is struggling with mental health issues, a psychiatric evaluation can help identify the root cause of each problem and providing the diagnosis needed to clarify and guide treatment.

This thorough and comprehensive assessment and diagnostic process is administered by a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or a Psychiatrist and can provide information on:

  • Mental Health Diagnosis
  • Specific symptoms and severity of symptoms
  • Co-occurring mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, OCD, etc.
  • Coping strategies and treatment options for recovery
  • Contributing factors to the illness
  • Medications that are appropriate and necessary for treatment

Medication Management for Teens and Young Adults

Some mental health conditions like depression, anxiety disorders, and ADHD involve the use of medication as part of an overall treatment plan.   Medication is prescribed, if appropriate and normally managed as part of a larger program that involves individual or group counseling sessions.  Clients will need to be seen for these follow up appointments on a regular basis in order to monitor for the medication’s effectiveness.  Our medication management service makes it possible for teens and young adults to get the individualized treatment and oversight they need in addition to recommendations for additional services from counselors, dietitians, psychologists or other health providers.

When you call for a psychiatric evaluation, please let us know your insurance plan.  Please check with your insurance plan for your policy’s complete coverage details.