Doorways Offering Free 15 Minute Parent Consultations

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Raising a teenager can be a daunting responsibility. Even parents who seem to “have it all together” are facing challenges that generations before them did not encounter. Technology, social media, violence and increasingly busy schedules are just a few issues that make parenting a teen more difficult than ever before.

Too many parents wonder:

  • Does my teen need help or not?
  • Why am I struggling with communicating with my teen?
  • Am I losing control?

Doorways, a faith-based counseling organization in Phoenix, recognizes that parents need help. The team of providers at Doorways offers services geared specifically towards adolescents and their families. Beginning in October and running through December 31st, Doorways will offer free 15-minute Parent Consultations. Parents will have the opportunity talk in person or over the phone with a counselor on staff at Doorways.

What: Free 15-minute phone consultation with a certified therapist specializing on counseling for teens and adolescents

Why: Parents and guardians of teenagers need help, support and resources, have questions

When: By telephone or in person appointment

How: Call Doorways at 602-997-2880 for availability and to schedule an in-person or phone appointment

Parents seeking to find hope and healing for troubled teens, or just need some input on how to tackle a specific issue can find support and resources at Doorways. The adolescent and young counseling organization in Phoenix hopes to come alongside and renew a sense of hope and healing in these families. The highly qualified providers at Doorways have a true heart for young people and are committed to equipping both young people and parents to navigate through whatever issues they might be facing.



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