5 Apps For Worried Parents

As teenagers get more responsibility, parents get more anxiety. The number of apps available for teens to talk to strangers online and send messages to friends without their parents knowing is only growing, but what about parents?
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Here are 5 apps that may help to ease your anxiety about the increasing freedoms your teenager is getting. They vary in how invasive into your teens’ privacy they are, so you can choose what is best for your family.

  1. Mama Bear

Apps that track children’s whereabouts and online activity are controversial, so be sure to talk to your teen about it before installing it. However, this app could significantly reduce parent’s anxiety about what your teenager is up to. From your phone, you can see where your teen is on a map and be notified when they arrive or leave programmed locations. You can monitor their interactions on social media, including photos they post and comments they make. You can even monitor their driving with alerts to exceeded speed limits and a map that monitors their location. This is the ultimate app for peace of mind for parents.

  1. App Certain

If it is new apps for teens that have you worried, App Certain is the app for you. This app notifies you through email when your teenager downloads a new app and gives you a quick analysis of the app including its important functions and features. It also lets you know how much time your teen has spent using each app and you can set a curfew mode to limit time spent on non-essential apps.

  1. Norton Family Parental Control

If your concern is mainly what your teenager is looking at online, this app is perfect. It allows parents to see what websites your teen is accessing from either their computer or phone and lets you block certain sites. You can also receive a history of your teen’s online activities. The paid version has more invasive features that lets you monitor your teen’s text messages, see your teen’s location, and monitor their app use.

  1. Find My Kids ~ Footprints

This app limits its scope to actual location. It shows its user a map and includes each child’s location with times associated to each one. See what time your teen was at each location and what time they left.

  1. Mobile Watchdog

This app monitors all the activity on your teenager’s phone, including text messages, pictures, contact history, websites, GPS tracking, and apps. You can set time limits on apps or block certain apps and set up what alerts you want to receive. You can also see what websites they are accessing with their phones and block certain sites. This app is the ultimate app for mobile phone monitoring.

Whatever it is that has you worried – apps, phone communication, social media, online activity, or physical location of your teenager – there is an app for you. Discuss with your family how much freedom and privacy your teen should have and how much you would like to monitor their activity before finding a solution that everyone is comfortable with.

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