20 Fun Fall Activities for Teens

20 Fun Fall Activities for Teens

Fall is in full swing and the warm days are turning to cool nights. With that comes festive fall activities.

Doorways Arizona Blog: 20 Fun Fall Activities for Teens

Get a group of friends together to go out, or stay in and enjoy what the fall has to offer.
  1. Plan a harvest or Halloween party.
  2. Go to a school football game.
  3. Make apple cider.
  4. Visit a corn maze.
  5. Take a hike.
  6. Go on a hayride.
  7. Go pumpkin picking.
  8. Carve a pumpkin.
  9. Roast pumpkin seeds.
  10. Attend a fall festival.
  11. Visit a haunted house.
  12. Go for a walk in a park.
  13. Host a scary movie marathon or funny Halloween movie marathon.
  14. Make a bonfire, eat s’mores and tell scary stories.
  15. Play a board game like Apples to Apples.
  16. Create fall inspired arts and crafts.
  17. Make a pumpkin pie.
  18. Write a fall themed motivational quote on a friend’s social media page.
  19. Go on a picnic.
  20. Make a scarecrow.

Now that you have some ideas, go have some fall FUN!



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