6 Habits of Strong Families

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Follow these tips to help have a healthy, successful family. (photo credit: BigStockPhoto.com)

Parents get a lot of advice on how to raise healthy children like how much sleep they need and how to make sure they are eating a healthy diet. But there seems to be less focus on understanding how to create and build a strong family. The dynamics of the family in which we are raised play a significant role in who we become, which is why well-intentioned parents need to focus not only on raising their children but also on strengthening their family.   By understanding the habits strong families share, you can determine what habits you need to develop in your own family.  Here are some of the habits strong families’ exhibit based on research that looked at what makes families successful.

  1. Talking to Each Other

If there is one habit that every family with a strong bond shares it has to be the willingness, capacity, and commitment to continuous communication. Simply stated, families that don’t talk to each other about the small things won’t know how to talk to each other about the big ones. Communication is critical to all personal relationships and being able to talk honestly and openly to others who are willing to listen without judging or criticizing is a skill strong families share.

  1. Spending Time Together

Relationships cannot be built in a vacuum and strong families know that spending time together is the key to building the kind of bonds that will see them through good and bad times. When families spend time together making pleasant memories and enjoying positive experiences it alleviated feelings of isolation and loneliness in all members. It is also this time that creates the strong bonds and unified identity strong families need to stand together in the face of adversity and support each other when things go wrong.

  1. Being Each Other’s Biggest Fans

Everyone needs to feel like they have someone on their side, cheering them on, and hoping they will succeed and this is something that strong families do for each other. They are supportive, encouraging, interested, and involved. They attend each other’s events, celebrate each other’s victories, and support each other through each individual defeat.

  1. Sharing the Burden

Strong families know that one person cannot do everything themselves and so they pull together during tough times to help each other shoulder whatever burden it is that they must bear. They stand united against any external threat and can put aside any petty squabbles when they need each other. By sharing responsibilities and burdens, they support each other and ensure that no one will falter because they have the strength and stability of their family behind them every step of the way.

  1. Coping With What Comes

Strong families know how to cope with whatever challenges come their way because they have taken the time to develop both their relationships with each other and their coping mechanisms as a group. They can take stress, adversity, and crisis and turn it into opportunity.

  1. Seeking Out Support

Despite their strength, strong families know that they cannot solve every problem or deal with every situation and they know that there is strength in seeking support and assistance when it is needed. They don’t hesitant to reach out to external resources that can provide the help they need when they find themselves in situations they are not equipped to handle.


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